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Predatory journals in Scopus

The study maps the penetration of so-called “predatory” scholarly journals into the citation database Scopus. Predatory journals exploit the author pays open access model, and conduct only cursory or no peer review, despite claims to the contrary. Some such journals will publish almost anything for money.

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Political Competition in Local Governments and Public Procurement

Municipalities in the Czech Republic manage 23.9% of the total public expenditure (approximately 10% of the GDP), with approximately half of these funds redistributed through public procurement. This is a very significant amount of public resources that should be given due attention.

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Brexit Effects

July 12, 2016, Author: Jan Švejnar

There are and will be major gyrations in the financial markets until things clear up; depending on the resolution of the Brexit crisis, there may be negative spillovers on economic growth worldwide.

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