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Learning by torture or by play?

A new IDEA study by Miroslava Federičová and Daniel Münich "Learning by Torture or Learning by Play?" focuses on the issue of pupils’ satisfaction with school and the enjoyment of learning mathematics.  

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New tax impact study

Daniel Münich and Klára Kališková collaborated on the latest IDEA study titled "Who Will Benefit From the Proposed Increase to Child Tax Credit?"

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Czech economy continues to grow

IDEA has issued a new macroeconomic prediction for the Czech Republic. The forecast is optimistic. Not only did the Czech economy grow the fastest among European Union members in the fourth quarter of 2013, but it is also believed to grow by over 2 % in the year of 2014. However, this prediction holds as long as the Ukrainian crisis does not lead to large economic shocks.  Please find a short summary in the following text:

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The great pupil steeplechase

Daniel Münich and Miroslava Federičová collaborated on the latest IDEA publication titled "Preparing For The Eight-Year Gymnasium: the Great Pupil Steeplechase".

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Czech finance is dominated by women

The Czech financial sector is dominated by women, especially by those who are young and educated. Nonetheless, the new IDEA policy study "Women in the Czech Financial Sector 1994 - 2012" by Klára Kalíšková indicates that the share of women has in fact decreased over the last 20 years.

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