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Jan Švejnar from IDEA at CERGE-EI in Hyde Park at ČT 24

Jan Švejnar, the founder of the think-tank IDEA at CERGE-EI, was a guest in Hyde Park, a polular talk-show of the Czech Television channel. 

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Election Outcomes Affected by Ballots

The new IDEA study "How Details Given on Ballot Papers Affect the Outcomes of Local and Regional Elections" concludes that election success of a given candidate may depend on marginal  factors, for example on the line-up of names or on the slates position on randomly ordered ballot papers. 

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Study on Regional Differences

In their new study "Regional Differences in Purchase Power: Prices, Wages, Salaries and Pensions" Matěj Bajgar and Petr Janský demonstrate how the relative value of average real wages in the Czech Republic is significantly affected by the differences in regional price levels. For instance, Prague residetns may seem relativrely well-off at first sight, however after taking into account the price level of certain services and googds, people living in Prague can afford virtually as much as the inhabitants of other regions.

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Civil Servants: A Descriptive Study

The new IDEA publication titled "Civil Servants: How Many Are There, Where Do They Work, And How Much Are They Paid?" analyzes the Czech public sector.

The key findings can be summarized as follows: 

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Learning by torture or by play?

A new IDEA study by Miroslava Federičová and Daniel Münich "Learning by Torture or Learning by Play?" focuses on the issue of pupils’ satisfaction with school and the enjoyment of learning mathematics.  

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