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Learning by torture or by play?

A new IDEA study by Miroslava Federičová and Daniel Münich "Learning by Torture or Learning by Play?" focuses on the issue of pupils’ satisfaction with school and the enjoyment of learning mathematics.  

The international survey PISA 2012 showed that almost 80 % of 15-year-olds feel happy at school.

Out of 64 countries, the happiest students seem to live in Indonesia and Albania (96% and 94%, respectively), whereas on the bottom of the list are are students from South Korea, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, among whom only 60%, 63% and 64 %, respectively, are content with school.

The authors, who included all European countries that took part in the last cycle of TIMSS testing, discovered that satisfaction with school and enjoyment of learning decreases across all countries as pupils move up through the grades, with boys displaying less enjoyment than girls.

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