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Survey preferences of people for climate change policies

The first two IDEA studies this year are both focusing on environmental issues from the economic point of view. The first IDEA study is Survey of preferences of people for climante change policies: Do Czechs, Polish and British respondents support policy implementation?

The study summarises results of a questionnaire survey on preferences of inhabitants of the Czech Republic, Poland and the UK for climate change policies.

While Czechs would be on average willing to pay around 13-17 EUR per month for the 40% or 80% GHG emission reductions, and the citizens of the UK would be willing to pay 44-46 EUR per month, the Poles’ mean WTP for adopting these targets vs. the current 20% target was not statistically significantly different from zero.

Respondents from the Czech Republic and the UK prefer the distribution of costs within the EU based on the emissions of the EU Member States to income-based or per-capita based rules.

Czech, Polish and British respondents seem to be in favour of the polluter-pays principle and disapprove fixed per capita cost.

Czechs prefer subsidies for environmentally friendly activities and products and removal of subsidies of harmful activities, while the British are strongly in favour of emission trading. The Poles also favour emission trading and providing bans and technological standards followed by removal of environmentally harmful subsidies as well.