A project to provide expert ideas and recommendations to mitigate the negative economic effects of the pandemic

Shortly after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic and the initial measures taken by the government, CERGE-EI's think tank IDEA launched the IDEA anti COVID-19 project to provide expert ideas and recommendations to mitigate the negative economic effects of the pandemic. Numerous faculty members, researchers, students and alumni have of CERGE-EI joined the project and are generating a multitude of policy briefs addressing various aspects of the crisis.

Four CERGE-EI faculty have been appointed to the government's Economic Advisory Team, and make up one-third of this advisory body: Jan Švejnar, who leads the team, together with Štěpán Jurajda, Filip Matějka, and Daniel Münich. Filip Matějka was also appointed a member of the Central Crisis Committee.

All the above mentioned are covered by the leading newspapers, online journals, and public broadcasters. Although entering the public debate is not the be-all and end-all of the researchers' job, it is great to see so many members of the CERGE-EI community having their say on this very important topic.

This page shows abstracts of most studies only. For full information go to the Czech web page of IDEA anti COVID-19.

If you wish to see what we have been working on for the past 12 months please see our Book of Abstracts: English summaries of recent IDEA studies that can be also downloaded in PDF format here.

IDEA anti COVID-19 studies

The different economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis on women and men in the Czech Republic

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 21 | Authors: Andreas Menzel, Martina Miotto

Health consequnces of economic crisis

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 20 | Authors: Kristína Hrehová, Štěpán Jurajda

Building capacity and preparing for the worst is sound economic policy: Recommendations for the coming weeks and months

Authors of "IDEA anti COVID-19" studies

Startups during the Covid-19 pandemic: experience for Czechia from the USA

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 19 | Author: Petr Sedláček

The Covid-19 pandemic and socio-economic inequality in education

IDEA anti COVID 19 # 18 | Authors: Miroslava Federičová, Václav Korbel

How to reawaken the economy: Soothe, warm up, say some farewells

IDEA anti COVID 19 # 17 | Author: Filip Matějka

Macroeconomic policy during the coronavirus epidemic

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 16 | Authors: Marek Kapička, Michal Kejak, Ctirad Slavík

Serological tests for Covid-19 antibodies: What could they be good for?

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 15 | Author: Ludmila Matysková

Using Bluetooth technology for COVID-19 contact tracing

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 14 | Authors: Ole Jann, Pavel Kocourek and Jakub Steiner (full study)

Short-time Work and Related Measures to Mitigate Consequences of a (Partial) Economic Shutdownto Mitigate Consequences of a (Partial) Economic Shutdown

IDEA anti COVID-19 #13 | Authors: Nikolas Mittag, Filip Pertold (full study)

Compliance with bans in the coronavirus period: enforcement must be effectively targeted

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 12 | Author: Libor Dušek

Collecting personal data for smart COVID-19 tracing: How to motivate people and not scare them off

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 11 | Author: Ole Jann

How should the government´s crisis measures be communicated? Through frequent repetition

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 10 | Authors: Václav Korbel, Vladimír Novák, Michal Šoltés, Lukáš Tóth

How best to communicate with the public? Findings from behavioural economics in the fight against COVID-19

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 9 | Author: Vojtěch Bartoš

Households´attitudes to infection and to the government measures: The latest survey data

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 7 | Authors: Václav Korbel, Vladimír Novák, Michal Šoltés, Lukáš Tóth

What behavioural economics can teach us about prevention: another way of fighting COVID-19

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 6 | Authors: Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová

The economics of testing for COVID-19: beware of greater damage than benefit

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 5 | Authors: Jan Kulveit and Jakub Steiner

Insolvency during the Coronavirus period: a proposal for temporary changes to the Insolvency Act

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 4 | Author: Tomáš Richter

Helping companies to maintain employment: fast, simple, economically meaningful

IDEA anti COVID-19 # 3 | Author: Daniel Münich