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The great pupil steeplechase

Daniel Münich and Miroslava Federičová collaborated on the latest IDEA publication titled "Preparing For The Eight-Year Gymnasium: the Great Pupil Steeplechase".

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Czech finance is dominated by women

The Czech financial sector is dominated by women, especially by those who are young and educated. Nonetheless, the new IDEA policy study "Women in the Czech Financial Sector 1994 - 2012" by Klára Kalíšková indicates that the share of women has in fact decreased over the last 20 years.

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Education and Economic Growth

The latest IDEA study by Daniel Münich and Tomáš Protivínský on “The Impact of Education on Economic Growth: Implications from the Latest Results of PISA 2012” quantifies the impacts of hypothetical educational reform scenarios on the gross domestic product of the Czech Republic over the coming 80 years.

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Tax on High Incomes

The IDEA Policy Study 9/2013 by Libor Dušek and Jiří Šatava on “Tax on High Incomes: Reforming the Reform” examines recent changes of the effective tax rate on high-earning taxpayers.

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Do e-auctions help to cut costs?

A joint study of IDEA and Oživení o.s. discoveres new facts on the issue of e-auctions in public procurement executed in the Czech Republic between 2007 and 2012.

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