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Book of Abstracts 2022

May 2022 See what we have been working on for the past 12 months

If you wish to see what we have been working on for the past 12 months please see our Book of Abstracts: English summaries of recent IDEA studies and interactive web tools to be downloaded in PDF format here.

IDEA, a virtual academic think-tank founded by the EI (CAS) within CERGE-EI maintains a scrupulously scientific and non-partisan approach to all its activities. It disseminates the results of original economic research and takes no normative political or ideological positions.

During 2021/22, IDEA continued to conduct its applied policy-oriented research and related agendas, fostering the existing strong recognition of the IDEA at CERGE-EI trademark across a large community of academics, experts, policymakers, journalists/media, and the broader public, as well as the management of CAS and Charles University. Further, IDEA has organized public events with wide media impact, including on-line webinar The Intensity of Teachers' Use of Teaching Methods and its Impact on Learning Outcomes

Recent IDEA studies and interactive web tools from May 2021 to May 2022 include:

IDEA Interactive web tools

  • Publication performance and authors of research organizations in the Czech Republic in 2017-2020
  • A Comparison of Journal Citation Indices
  • An EU Comparison of 2015-2016 Academic Publication Output and its Citation Impact 

IDEA Publications

  • The Long-term Legacy of the Liberation of the Sudetenland by the Red and US Armies. Authors: Jakub Grossmann, Štěpán Jurajda, May 2022
  • Teacher Turnover in Europe. Authors: Miroslava Federičová, Filip Pertold, March 2022
  • The intensity of teachers’ use of teaching methods and its impact on learning outcomes. Author: Václav Korbel, March 2022
  • We’ve done math: Here’s what the abolition of super-gross wages, reductions in social security contributions and the introduction of tax holidays will really mean. Authors: Klára Kalíšková, Michal Šoltés, January 2022
  • Increase of CZK 395 billion compared to 2019: Where the first draft expenditure in the state budget for 2022 was headed. Authors: Daniel Kolář, Petr Janský, January 2022
  • State employees and civil servants: where they work and how much they are paid. Authors: Daniel Bartušek, Petr Bouchal, Petr Janský, January 2022
  • Sick pay: what impact did the introduction of a waiting period have? Authors: Jakub Grossmann, Lucie Zapletalová, January 2022
  • The Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) Standard Grants and the Publication Performanceof Scientists: A Counterfactual Analysis of Projects Awarded in Years 2005-2014. Author: M. Bajgar, October 2021
  • Financial support for students in higher education in the Czech Republic: a system overhaul is required. Authors: D. Münich, O. Kořínek, September 2021
  • Teachers’ salaries in 2020 and beyond:will the Czech Republic rest on its laurels? Authors: D. Münich, V. Smolka, August 2021
  • Mom or preschool? How an extension to paid parental leave affects children’s future education and employment. Authors: A. Bičáková, K. Kalíšková, L. Zapletalová, August 2021
  • Intervention needed: the impact of future economic development and pandemic measures on social health insurance revenues and expenditures. Authors: L. Bryndová, L. Šlegerová, June 2021